How It Works

The HomeCare Cooperative Foundation helps with start-up, development and maintenance of community-based, worker-owned coops of in-home caregivers for seniors.  A worker-owned cooperative is a business owned and operated by the workers who themselves determine compensation, benefits, hours, and policies.

​The spirit of cooperatives is individuals joining together to support each other for mutual benefit. Our current emphasis is establishing home care coops in Comal County, Texas and Olympia, Washington.

Our goal is to create home care businesses that give high quality care and create jobs that pay fairly, offer benefits, and provide support to all the workers. Each coop owner/member will have a stake in the mission of the cooperative and this will result in higher quality care for those who use their services.

The HomeCare Coop philanthropy model:

  • Applies venture philanthropy principles, including long-term investment and hands on support, to cooperative initiatives
  • Is committed to implementing a replicable, scalable model that can be applied in any community
  • Takes a hands-on approach to working with each coop
  • Provides tailored financing using grants and/or loans, when appropriate
  • Provides ongoing support, typically over three to five years
  • Provides consulting support to help a target coop build capacity in or understanding of its market, its strategy and operations, its governance and structure, etc.
  • Emphasizes performance measurement and quality of personal assistance and care

What is a Co-op?

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